Dorgie Productions: Underwater Lifestyle Photography & Imagery for Advertising

The Hallmark of Dorqie Productions is its innovative use of models underwater in lifestyle situations whether they depict social interactions, business, sports, etc. In some 'cases the images are intended to be purely fanciful, created with the intentions of stimulating the imagination. Producing quality "lifestyle" images for advertising in an underwater environment is both challenging and rewarding. Unexpected things, good and bad, happen while working in this environment. From pre-production to post production, there are issues that most be dealt with continuously and it is in this myriad of challenges that the particular talents of Dorina Andrei and George Shelley have joined forces, not only to tame the elements, but to create exceptional images for the commercial world that lives and works above water.

In Tibetan Buddhism a Dorge (pronounced Dorgie) literally means thunderbolt. Although it is a small object that can be held in the palm of a hand, a Dorge possesses great power on earth. In our case it symbolizes the power to create remarkable, unique images.

Phone: 954-761-7706